Deborah Cheatham, LCSW-S, CCM, ACM-SW Counselor
Brief info

Deborah currently serves as evening and weekend counselor. With over 25yrs of experience, she has a vast working knowledge of numerous populations and situations. “Debbie” as she is affectionately called, holds Bachelor of Science Social Work from University of North Texas, a Master of Science Social Work and Healthcare Administration from University of Texas at Arlington.

Debbie believes life at times can be challenging and it can be easy to lose hope and perspective but there comes a time when intervention may be needed, but it can be difficult to take the first step. She feels the individual is the expert on his or her life. As a Clinician, she will assist with evoking thought and insight into challenging situations and feelings about one’s self. She will also stress the importance of being kind and forgiving to oneself. “I look forward to working with you!”